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This is an intriguing idea, isn’t it? Could it really mean that the Lord commits Himself to make some things happen; that our job search isn’t all up to us? Absolutely! I find that very comforting. But we have to know what He has said He’ll do. He promises to give us the right words to say, to make a way where there is none, and protect us from harm. Search for His promises and expect Him to make things happen in, through and for you. We can count on it. That’s good news, if I ever heard any.


  • I will always overcome through the blood of the Lamb because God brings the victory.
  • I know God is willing and able to care for me.
  • My trust is in the Lord and in the power and authority of His name.


Word of the Day


God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

By Barb Rarden, Employed for Life

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Elizabeth (0) - 01/27 Pray

Prayer to trust that the Lord will provide the next job.

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I'm currently unemployed and have been ever since my last job had a layoff back in January 2014. Please pray for me to...

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